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Friends of Lily Lake

(formerly Lily Lake Association)

Our mission is to preserve and enhance the quality and enjoyment of Lily Lake and its surrounding land, including parkland and forest, for all FLL members, area residents, and the general public through stewardship, communication and education, lobbying, community socialization, and promoting effective volunteerism.

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Get To Know Us

The organization was formed in the early 2010s for multiple reasons:

  1. Stewardship – Promote community behaviors and healthful projects that improve and protect Lily Lake’s water quality and enhance the surrounding park and natural landscape for wildlife habitat and enjoyment of nature.

  2. Communication and Education – Communicate appreciation of Lily Lake and its resources as well as promote activities during all seasons.  Obtain and share information on the maintenance and improvement of the lake and surrounding watershed on topics such as invasive species awareness, weed control discussions, use of less and non-phosphorous fertilizer, and stocking fish.

  3. Lobbying – Advocate to the city, county, and state for improving the quality of Lily Lake and its surrounding land for appearance, health and well-being, habitat quality and recreational use such as fishing, swimming, and boating.

  4. Socialization – Help interested parties get to know each other better through events such as picnics, presentations, and engaging activities led by residents and others.

  5. Volunteers – Promote and coordinate effective volunteer participation in carrying out the FLL mission and its related projects.

Today, all of the above purposes still apply as we care for and enjoy the lake... ourselves... and as we also prepare for our next generations.​


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If you live on/near Lily Lake or take great interest in the state of our lake, consider one of the following:

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Contact Us

Friends of Lily Lake: c/o Mike Lyner (President), 1031 Abbott St W, Stillwater, MN 55082

Board Members: Mike Lyner (President & Webmaster), Chris Warner (Vice President), Nancy Lyner (Secretary), Kathy Warren (Treasurer), Del Peterson, Gary Warren, Patricia Moore, Jason Luhmann, Michael McCarthy

Website Management: Mike Lyner

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